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[photography] is a session special for friends

I love special sessions with friends but you are going to love my new session special for your friends!! Book and pay for an “In The Life” portrait session with me by June 30th and if your friend books and pays for a session by June 30th too, you each only pay $150 for your entire session! This is a 1-2 hour session for up to 4 people and includes 40-50 images in an online gallery for purchasing plus…

yvette and her kids

I’ve been working on lots of family photo sessions recently and this beautiful family I photographed last year. It’s fun to see them grow up and change the way they react to the camera. I finally was able to convince their mom to get in the shots too. Her presence really rounded out the group pics.

[photography] is an impossible session

I always have the hardest time when I have to do a “session” for someone in my family. I don’t know why but it always seems I get caught between the thought that it’s just my family so I don’t have to be as on my game and they will still love me and having the highest expectations for every image I take of them.

My mom put in a request for a photo session with all the cousins on…

a rugged and stunning location

Merrik and I scouted an out of the way, rugged beach for a photo session the other day. It is located in San Clemente State Beach system and was the most perfect spot for this mom looking to set out on a new career path so she can have more time with her two adorable kids. Angelica drove all the way down from Los Angeles to meet me for a photo session and wanted to have her photographs taken…

[photography] is a sneak peak | granger family

I had so much fun photographing a large part of Ami Marie’s family recently. She bent over backward into a handstand to get them all together for a photo session while they were in town for a family birthday celebration. She was ultimately hoping that she could get all the “kids” in one shot-her dad with his siblings-but two of them didn’t make it and missed out on a fun afternoon…

[photography] is the joy of childhood

I had to share just a couple of images (pre sneak peak’s!) from a recent shoot. These sum up for me what it feels like to be a kid. This little girl goes to school with Merrik and was such a joy to chase and photograph. My favorites are the ones that I was able to sneak of her because she is such a ham when the camera comes out!

[photography] is maggie and milly and molly and mae | farrell photo session

When Amy emailed me awhile back about doing a photo session and a book to visually express the e.e. cummings poem that represents each one of her girls, I had to choke back tears. As much as I love being in control of the creative process, I truly love the collaborative experience of meshing a vision with someone else. I would love to do more sessions that incorporate the client’s lifestyle and personality into the shoot.

This session turned out…

[photography] is a mini session | sinacori family

The light peaked out of the fog for a brief moment while I was photographing the Sinacori family at the San Clemente pier for their holiday mini session. They were so fun to work with and I even received a palm full of little shells as a gift from the middle daughter (the one climbing on the pilons).