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on decluttering


I am truly a minimalist at heart. I am obsessed with the philosophy of simplifying my life in more ways than one. I love keeping things uncomplicated and I cherish living simply. I love to stay focused on the important things in life: family, health and financial well being. Not only are we living completely debt free but we have savings accounts for important purposes-the boat, kids, retirement. I am also on a mission to create passive income so we can live our…

art and design

I studied design and architecture in college and when I transferred to California State University at Long Beach to focus more on fine art, I discovered photography. But, I am still passionate about design and architecture. My husband is a very creative designer and I’ve gained a lot of inspiration from him.

In 1953 my maternal grandparents established El Camino Travel. At the time it was a business where the marines from Camp…

thought: vintage travel

I have these amazing original vintage travel posters that I salvaged from my parent’s travel business. My grandfather was an avid collector of all things signage and design. He collected some of the most fantastic posters from around the world for use in his own window designs at the office.
I went through thousands of them when my parents sold the building in downtown San Clemente and now I have maybe a thousand of them that I’ve been archiving. So…