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[photography] is an impossible session

I always have the hardest time when I have to do a “session” for someone in my family. I don’t know why but it always seems I get caught between the thought that it’s just my family so I don’t have to be as on my game and they will still love me and having the highest expectations for every image I take of them.

My mom put in a request for a photo session with all the cousins on…

[photography] is a sister’s portrait session

While I was in Big Bear I wanted to do a photo session with my little sister and her daughter Rose. We have been talking about doing one for awhile and it’s been years since I’ve made them get in front of the camera. For me, family “portraits” are always the hardest. I always mess something up but somehow end up with at least one good image.

The settings in Big Bear were so perfect but every time I thought…

the great train ride

Yesterday, Merrik, Maliea, Nana Papa, Aunt Katie and Cousin Rose took the train up to Fullerton to watch the BNSF freight trains, have lunch and meet me at the station after work. I usually take the 2:30pm train home so we all hopped on the Surfliner and headed back toward San Juan Capistrano together. Merrik, Maliea and I got off in Laguna Niguel where my car is parked and everyone else went on to SJC. Train travel is always…

easter celebration 2009

After 7am mass with Nana Papa we had a wonderful, delicious breakfast prepared by Chez Jim Riddle. Then an egg hunt ensued with Merrik and cousin Rose leading the way and sharing their finds. Maliea was thrilled to discover Organic Cheddar Bunnies in her pink eggs while Merrik and Rose continued to find eggs in our tropical jungle.