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an afternoon in the woods


Awhile back four of my favorite subjects (see a few past sessions with them here, here and here) and I spent an afternoon at Caspers Park. It was a calm and sunny day with a gentle warmth. The park was eerily quiet when I first arrived all alone. While I set up the cute homemade tent in the brush, I heard a branch crack and leaves rustle about 100 yards away.

Later as we were playing in the tent…

a family with two boys

I love photographing families. For some reason, I really enjoy photographing families with boys. Maybe it’s because they tend to be more of a challenge. The uncomfortable grins, the goofy faces-just like my own son-make my heart smile. Boys are fabulous at coming up with ways to ‘avoid the camera’ so to speak. Girls usually love the attention and put on a show for me, but boys would rather just be there with no attention on them.

I had similar…

[photography is] dreaming of a sunshiny new year | san juan capistrano family photographer

This session is one of my clients who hires me often to photograph her family. It is one of the most rewarding experiences to photograph a family year after year and these three are so much fun to capture. The little boy is all energy and his sisters are very patient and giggly about his antics. I truly have a blast capturing their diverse personalities.

Mom decided to wait a day for the weather to clear since last year’s session…

[photography is] a beautiful location | san juan capistrano family photographer

I’ve been working on one of my favorite sessions yet which was at the San Juan Capistrano Mission with a family of 5. And of course we couldn’t pass up the Los Rios District at sunset so we headed across the street after the mission closed. It was one of those really hot days back at the beginning of November…remember those wonderful warm days we had? This family certainly won’t forget this day.

[life] is a jewel

We visited the Jewel of the California Missions this weekend. It was a beautiful day and the kids loved just walking around the old ruins. I forget about it until I drive by once in awhile and then think of going to see it. Merrik and Maliea especially loved the koi ponds and the gift shop.