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[life] is a first day of school

Merrik went to school today for the very first time; a new place where he will be spending a lot of time in the coming months. He’s been waiting for this day all summer. Almost every morning he asked “Is it Fall yet?” hoping for school to start.

Fortunately Jim was with us to drop him off. But we didn’t stay long. Merrik was very comfortable with the idea of us leaving and settled right in.

When we picked him up,…

merrik’s favorite day out

It was my day to be the mom at Kids Day Out at the Center For Spiritual Living this week and I had a great time watching the kids play. Pattie and I had barely enough time to catch up with each other but the kids were awesome!


I received the most upsetting email from one of my CSUF students yesterday. He threatened to complain about my harsh, demanding and unsympathetic teaching style to the Department Chair. I am still so taken aback I don’t know what to think. It seems he just wanted to get a B instead of a B- (his final score was off by

thought: first day of school

I went back to teaching today. Of course it was a long night last night as both Merrik and Maliea were restless. It always seems to work out that way on the night before an early or busy day.

I took the 7:11am Metrolink out of San Juan Capistrano and returned on the Amtrak. The schedules work out great for my class schedule so once again I am loving the commute to work. I also met a couple of very…

thought: it’s a nap

Several months ago we discussed whether or not to put Merrik in Preschool this year like every other good little parents we know. We weighed all the pros and cons for him and the way he learns and even had feedback from the teachers in our family.
So, we have decided not to put Merrik in Preschool this year. So, I am preparing to create an environment for him that is similar to what he might expect to do…

gap: village play

We visited with Aggelige on the grass near the library today waiting for Merrik’s classes to start. Here are a few images of him having fun running and a picture of his beautiful “octopus” windsock that he created. He used his hands to paint the body of the octopus while everyone else used paintbrushes. Usually Merrik hates to get paint on his hands. He was having an inspirational day.