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When I met my husband my creative energy was intense. I created this diptych for him from 4×5 negatives I made 10 years earlier. It was the completion of myself and the search for my soulmate.

The top piece represents the broken parts of me until the bottom piece was made. At the top is my emotional, physical and mental selves. At the bottom is my spiritual self.

b&w child photography

photography is [a self portrait]

For our Holiday cards back in December, I set up a family photograph at the local State Park while we were on a campout. Having forgotten my camera’s remote control, I ended up using the self-timer. Well, Maliea and Merrik thought this was the coolest thing since sliced toast.

Every time I released the shutter button and headed to stand in with my family, Maliea would bolt out of the frame and run off. This was a great game to…