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a little love goes a long way

One of the main reasons I limit my professional projects is because of the time I am so blessed to be able to put into my kids’ lives. I volunteer with both their schools and stay very active in their after school activities. Both Merrik and Maliea attended a co-op preschool which requires a lot of involvement from the families. The parents volunteer their time to help the school with operational responsibilities rather than pay someone to do it….

photography is [my baby is not a baby anymore]

Maliea and I visited Serra Preschool last month for their Open House. Maliea went right up to the loft and found the babies, telephone and ‘chicken’ (kitchen). She already knows her way around pretty well since Merrik was here last year. Even though she has become quite comfortable at Concordia where Merrik is now, she is very excited to have her own ‘class’ to go to next fall!
[all of these images were processed using Kellie Hatcher’s B&W Film Set…

[photography is] a pony ride

Our last field trip with Serra Preschool was at Zoomar’s in San Juan Capistrano. Every time we go here I am reminded how much I love the rustic, country feel this town has compared to San Clemente. It’s down to earth in it’s own pastoral way. I also love that both Merrik and Maliea are open to riding the horses they have. It’s so different than anything else we do with them (ie: the beach, sailing)!

[life] is the last days of serra preschool

Tomorrow is Merrik’s last day at Serra Preschool. I don’t know what I’m going to do without that wonderful community of people. Hopefully we will be able to keep in touch with most of them for years to come. It will be such a joy to see the kids from his class grow up in the community of San Clemente. It has been difficult to think about parting ways from Serra and I can only hope that Concordia Elementary…

[life] is getting ready for winter

The kids at Serra Preschool have been busy learning about the Spirit of the Season, snow, reindeer, Jolly Old St. Nick, gingerbread and sleigh bells. I helped out at Merrik’s school two days this week and was reminded how much I love the way the kids learn there. Their teacher, Ms. Fuller is always in top form: full of energy and always aware of opportunities to teach the kids how to be more engaged students.

[life] is a day at Merrik’s school

I love to go in to Merrik’s school and capture the joy and playfulness of the kids there. Of course I am supposed to be supervising them too so sometimes what makes for a great shot is not the safest or most appropriate behavior on the playground so I need to control myself (and the kids for that matter). Not that I am not paying attention at all. It’s just that the little climber that loves to get up…

[photography] is a feast day

Merrik had his first Thanksgiving feast at preschool this past week. After being out all week with the flu, he bounced back in time for the festive day. He was so excited to go back to school to see his friends that he was bouncing off the walls all morning.

When he got there they had a busy morning of mashing potatoes, shaking butter and designing bead necklaces, drums and arrows out of pasta, coffee cans and straws. After all…

[life] is priceless

I am so fortunate to be able to witness Merrik’s preschool days. Because he is at Serra Preschool I work 3-4 days per month to help out during class time. The day I was there last week was priceless. Merrik was in the “Five Little Pumpkins” skit, he played a vampire in the class play and I actually got some pictures of him playing on the playground. Preschool monthly tuition: $130; fundraising contribution per annum: $300; Being a part…

[photography] is a school field trip

We went on another great field trip with Serra Preschool. It was at Tanaka Farms in Irvine where the kids all rode the tractor pulled wagon, petted farm animals, found the flag at the center of a corn maze, picked carrots, radishes, onions and green beans and picked their own pumpkin from the field. It was one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen in SoCal in a long time. The clouds were incredible and so rare around these…