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[photography] is a magical day

I was finally outdoor mom at Serra Preschool last week and was blessed with a magical day. Both the kids and the light treated me to beautiful memories. The kids made apple pie, monoprints and witch’s brew and played fabulously together. I feel so lucky to be able to witness this age and spend time in this realm of Merrik’s life.

[photography] is the robbins family—-orange county family photographer

I had a fabulous time with the Robbins family at Crystal Cove State Park for a photo session. Their youngest goes to Serra Preschool where Merrik is this year and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to get to know them better. They all looked great in their very own denim designs and I was privileged to get “the eyebrow” from Lucas! It was a fun way to end the weekend before starting another busy week.

[photography] is a day at preschool

I was inside mom at Serra Preschool yesterday and had a great time watching the kids play and learn. I had to choke back tears witnessing how wonderful Miss Fuller is with the kids and how fabulous her curriculum is for them. Of course they painted, glued and decorated but they also got to put salt on a huge block of ice and squirt dye on it, water the plants, play dress-up, ride trucks inside and dance like a…

[photography] is a beach bonfire

Serra Preschool’s beach bonfire was a great way to start off the new year. We were very lucky to have access to the military beach at San Onofre.  The dad’s went surfing at Church and the kids wrastled in the sand. By evening’s end the kids were jumping off the lifeguard tower and all the mom’s and dad’s were getting to know one another.

[photography] is a visit to the tidepools

Serra Preschool is gearing up for a really fun year and the first field trip before class even starts was to the tidepools in Laguna Beach. The kids saw a sea lion, sea urchins, hermit crabs, anemones and lobster exoskeleton. The first month is all about the ocean so they are off and running.

[photography] is a bunch of cute kids

We went to one of Serra Preschool’s organized park days yesterday and again I found parents letting their kids be kids. The kids had a great time climbing up and sliding down the slide, riding their Razors and bikes around the playground and pretending to be porcupines.

At one point Merrik was pretending the jungle gym was his boat and eventually convinced another preschooler that he was the captain. They set sail with “Hoist the main sail” and they sighted…

[photography + life] is a new school

I am in LOVE with Merrik’s new preschool. We went to Serra Preschool’s Makit Plate Day this week and I am so excited about his new ‘home’ away from home. Everyone is so sweet and down to earth. We put off preschool for him so he could spend last year with his baby sister. Now it is time for him to spread his wings in an awesome new environment.