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[life] lunch dates

If you haven’t noticed already then I’ll tell you now. We (Merrik, Maliea and I) do a lot of things with Nana Papa (my parents) who live over on the other hill in San Clemente. It is a fun and easy way for the kids to spend time with them (and vice versa) and for me to get a little break from the daily grind of housework, kids and work. Plus, I really enjoy their company.

The last couple…

[life] my outside girl

I caught Maliea trying to brake through the bars on our gate the other day. She followed Tiki outside and around to the front of the house where he slipped through the gate to the front. She desperately wanted to go with him. She loves to be outside. First thing every morning she will walk to the back sliding door and say, “Outside!”

She’s been doing this for months. I would have to say her first real word was…

[photography + life] don’t always mix

While we were in Yosemite I tried my best to do some nature photography. It was a challenge. Doing fine art photography with kids in nature is kind of like trying to surf where you anchor-dangerous. Every time I would spend a few moments-mere seconds-composing an image, Merrik or Maliea would be on the verge of falling off edge of a huge boulder or plunking into the rushing Merced River.

I can’t remember when I’ve appreciated more wholeheartedly the time…

[life] a baptism celebration with family

On Saturday we endured another drive back up to LA for a wonderful family gathering to celebrate Jenna Doubt’s baptism. Jenna is the daughter of my cousin on my dad’s side. It was a beautiful mass and fun to see a little girl rather than a baby baptised. Her expressions were priceless throughout the sacrament.

After the ceremony we all gathered at the family’s home for a pool party and BBQ. The adults hovered near the pool in the shade…

[life + photography] road trip

We had a fantastic trip up to the Sierra National Forest. It has taken me awhile to get back into the sway of life so it must have been a good trip. Our drive through LA was unfettered but the kids had a difficult time sleeping in their car seats. Jim was determined to drive all the way through so my job took a back seat..(hah!) soothing Maliea and calming Merrik. Our destination was Fresno where Jim spent 4…

[life + photography] road trip

I’m in a frenzy packing for our trip to central California and parts yonder. Jim is competing in the USMS Short Course Yards Nationals swim meet in Clovis, CA. We will be doing day trips from there to Bass Lake, Shaver Lake and other nearby mountain areas. Then on Mother’s Day we’ll head to Oakhurst to stay at the Queens Inn by the River to position ourselves close to Yosemite for day trips into the valley.
It’s been years since…

a wonderful family picmic

On Saturday we went to a big family picnic organized by Heather Newman who is “no one” to us. However, her husband is Jim’s sister’s husband’s brother so of course we’re all family! Anyway, we always have fun with family whether it’s Jim’s family or mine. We’re all one big happy family.
See more of the fun photos here–>

it’s so close we can taste it!

We spent a fantastic day at the beach on Sunday and we are all tasting summer on our tongues. It has been gorgeously warm-warmer than some people around here like. We LOVE the warmth but wish it was a little more humid like the tropics. It was so great to have the windows open all night and hear the palm leaves rustle in the wind. I dreamt I heard the Mangoes dropping on the wet, muddy ground…

just when I thought I had everything under control

I was tidying up the house and was almost done when I peaked outside to check on the kids again. I find Merrik and Maliea already digging up the backyard and Merrik has just dumped a huge bucket of water over Maliea’s head. Cracks me up. She is such an outdoorsy girl that it doesn’t even phase her.