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photography is [body of water]

Summer could take a hint
Seeing you in a floral print
to become a pearl
In the wordy world of the Cornflake Girl ~ Billy Bragg
It’s finally summer here in San Clemente. We’ve been waiting for it for over a year. The kids are in heaven.
The air is humid and warm just like we Riddles like it.
I swore I was going to run away if it continued to stay cold (too many days under 60ยบ).
We returned from a long and busy weekend…

[life] is our backyard

After a busy day in the ocean the kids still had enough energy to goof off in the buckets of water in the backyard. It is an unusual backyard for a kid to grow up in but we are starting to get it worked out.

Ever since we put the “sidewalk” in, we now have a lot more room for Merrik and Maliea to roam. But we won’t ever have one of those high wooden play sets. Could you…

[life] mini minnows seashore day

On one of the Mini Minnows camp days they did a seashore theme and the kids hunted for crabs. They had string with a little wire box at the end where they put small pieces of hot dog to lure the crabs. A flood of memories poured into my mind as I watched Merrik climbing on the rocks tossing his line out and waiting.

When I was a young girl I spent hours climbing out on the rocks and…

bye high surf

We had a huge swell hit our beaches this weekend and of course we were on our way to Thousand Oaks. It never fails. Whenever there is an amazing swell, Jim either has a swim meet or a pending project that forces him to work long hours or on the weekend.

This time I had a hard time leaving the beauty and awe of a gorgeous swell too. Usually I am completely unphased by such an event but it has…

[life] mini minnows day camp

Merrik is in Mini Minnows Day Camp all week out at the Boat House in Dana Point Harbor. He is loving it. They do crafts, games, explorations and each day is a new theme. When I picked him up they were all in line at the beach. After I signed him out he asked if we could go back to the beach and go in the water and climb on the rocks because they weren’t allowed to do that…

[life] cameron’s world

One more thing we did with Cameron was go to Sea World. Sea World is Cameron’s World. He lives for Sea World and wants to work there someday. He knew every nook and cranny of the place and had our day all scheduled out. It was the third time he’d been in the last two weeks so everything he knew about it was very fresh.

We weren’t even allowed to sit down and eat because we would have missed one…

[life] a cousin’s visit

After all the family gatherings in Coronado, we brought Cameron home with us for a couple of days to share our ocean, sand and sun outings with him. Of course our first trip was to the beach where he was thrilled to have sea creatures to capture. He and Merrik spent hours catching sand crabs and created a safe, temporary aquarium for them out of our bucket.

Cameron wants to be a “Commerson Dophin Trainer,” to be specific, when he…

[life] family tradition

Fourth of July weekend in Coronado is a family tradition for the Riddles. Ever since I have known Jim we have been going to Coronado for the long weekend and now we actually enjoy the famous parade down Orange Avenue because of the kids. And even though we have the most amazing backyard for viewing the fireworks we have only watched them one Fourth from home when Merrik was 2 months old.

This year was no different as a long…

[life] family fun in coronado

After Camp Gramma Grampa, we all hung out at their house in Coronado for some additional family fun. Jim’s brother, Steve, who left us unexpectedly two years ago has two amazing kids, Holley and Cameron. They were the stars of the show because we were all so excited to have them come from Portland for a visit with the rest of their family.

It’s hard to have them way up there because we are all down here and we all…