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the art of work

8×12″ archival pigment print on Epson Velvet Fine Art signed en verso

As It Flows
8×12″ archival pigment print on Epson Velvet Fine Art signed en verso
I am so honored to have two images selected for an exhibit at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, OR. The themed exhibit is The Art of Work and includes work by 17 commercial and fine art photographers.

The images were made for a commercial project but could include any outtakes from the shoot. These two images…

an ad comp

We were all home sick today. Me with the worst of it. Or maybe just with the worst attitude about it. Being home with the kids is usually a nightmare. The house is a disaster because it’s one project after another to keep them entertained. Today I started the morning looking for existing images of Merrik for a comp for a project Jim is working on.

By late morning it came down to shooting something new for it. I had…

[life] is the taste of salt water

I had a revelation today. I experienced the ocean with my son for the first time. I mean really experienced it like I like to experience it. Not from the water’s edge with my feet planted on the sand and the waves lapping at my ankles. But like I remember discovering the ocean-over the tops of wave crests and under the crash of the foam.

My revelation is that I am starting to see myself back in that world again-sooner…

bye high surf

We had a huge swell hit our beaches this weekend and of course we were on our way to Thousand Oaks. It never fails. Whenever there is an amazing swell, Jim either has a swim meet or a pending project that forces him to work long hours or on the weekend.

This time I had a hard time leaving the beauty and awe of a gorgeous swell too. Usually I am completely unphased by such an event but it has…

gap: home from paradise

Jim had a fantastic trip to Namotu and returned home with some great images and a Fijian war club for being the best surfer in the group. He laughs as he tells me this means that he won’t be invited back next year! He got most of the waves….which means less for the other guys.
Here are some of my favorite images that he took. (I love the editing process!)

gap: san clemente open

We went to the SC Open this past weekend so Merrik could see the little groms riding and surfing. He was so excited to take his skateboard to the skate park but when we got there he was completely overwhelmed with the kids riding all over the place. I think he had more fun watching the kids skate outside the park than he did watching the kids ride in the competition.

The surf contest was at the pier on Sunday…