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getting my priorities straight

The past couple of months have been insane for me-an overwhelming balancing act between “keeping up appearances” with the house and the kids’ activities combined with the behind the scenes details of life that must happen and nobody else wants to know about. This includes scrambling to move paperwork from the inbox to the done box for all financial, health and business related fun for not only my family but my husband’s mom as well. So when we finally had a chance to head to SanO as a…

Sammy the Explorer

There are only so many ways a filmmaker can present a surf movie: Endless Summer, North Shore, Surf’s Up, Riding Giants. The surf sessions get a little redundant but it’s all fun and I personally can’t get enough of watching people surfing whether I’m out in the water or not. I recently found this promo gem for Hurley that does something different with the good ol’ ‘surf film.’ So many talented folk out there.

don’t think

You mustn’t want, you must be receptive; don’t think, even, the brain’s a bit dangerous. Sensitivity is the flavor of moments. Henri Cartier-Bresson

All photographs demarcate their own period in time. You must not disregard the first image you ever made for future photographs. Every image you have made is relevant and important in your development. You must also remember that, as in life, the choices you make will determine your future as a photographer. Every decision you make-from…

the creative side of surfing

When I first took the time to learn to surf when I was 32, I realized what a truly artistic yet athletic sport it is. It’s hard for me to call it a sport actually because the word “sport” conjures up all things jockish: football, soccer, baseball, basketball etc. Surfer and jock would never fit together in a sentence.

The actual process of surfing is so challenging that you need a creative spirit to understand and have the patience to…

ocean photography surf

photography is [staying fit]

Fitness is starting to creep very slowly back into my life. I have always maintained a certain, healthy level of fitness my entire life but the last few years, it has definitely been less than desirable.

The type of fitness that has always worked best for me is the kind that happens when I am just living life. I am not a gym person or a runner-especially since I broke my ankle in high school gymnastics and had a plate…

photography is [Photobook Cali]

Surfer Boy
Going In
The Wait
One More Wave

Cold Surf At Sunset
I am so honored to have my series of images “Merrik-Surfside” selected as winners to be published in Photobook Cali. Wow. So many beautiful photographs of California and it’s people were chosen. I am in love with all the other photographer’s work and I am still a bit in shock to see my work alongside all these other fantastic photographs. I can’t wait until the book comes out and if you…

[photography is] a proud mom

Oh man. I am so proud of my little guy lately. Merrik has seriously stepped up as best big brother, awesome student, passionate surfer and all around sweet kid lately.

Today Merrik begged and begged until I gave in to take him surfing. It was warmer than it has been but still the air was a chilly 56º and the ocean 57º. There wasnt’ much wind but just the thought of being in the water gave me the chills. But,…