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to the camp

I had the opportunity to join my girlfriend, Aggelige, up to The Camp to scout out the new location of her shop, Organic Designs. She was wanting to get a feel for how to prepare her inventory and displays for setting up shop in a refurbished airstream trailer.

It was a great afternoon for me; free from the kids for a moment somewhere so smart and hip. It’s difficult to find this kind of nattiness in south Orange County and…

[life] yardwork

I can’t think of a more rewarding way to spend a Saturday together. We all love to work in the yard. Both Jim and I have fond memories of helping mom and dad in the yard when we were young and both of us had mowing the lawn as our chore. I loved to hear the whirring of the blades on our manual push mower when I was a kid and can’t understand why people think they need gas…

[design] your own SIGG

This is so cool! A couple of years ago I entered the SIGG bottle design contest with one of my designs. The winner was chosen by the highest number of votes and by committee for the final selection. The one they ended up choosing was horrible and I was disappointed with the process.
They must have figured out a good process to ‘wrap’ any design around the bottles because you can now design your own SIGG through Cafe Press.

Here are…

[life] another birthday (party)

Merrik turned four on May 2. Four! Four years go I had my first tiny babe in my arms. I had no worries about taking our little bundle home and was ready to hit motherhood head on. It’s really amazing because I could easily say that five years earlier I didn’t want kids. Jim and I set out for the Marquesas on the same date in 2000 and all I could think about then was a dream coming true…

[life] a web log vs a ship’s log

I started this blog as an easy way to share the most current photos of my kids with the rest of the family (a photo blog). But when I decided to start doing portraiture for other families it has become a focal point of both my family life and my work photographically.

Most of you who have been following this blog have seen mostly photos of my children with a spattering of portrait sessions so it seems my life…

thought: are you talking about it?

Every once in awhile I allow myself snippets of time to read thought provoking articles from sources that are important to me. I used to subscribe to Orion magazine because of it’s intelligent articles, environmental slant and beautiful artwork. Now I just get their emails but I feel better about not seeing a years worth of magazines piled up in our TV room that have never been read.

I came across this article while I was trying to track down…

thought: a new lab in san clemente

Just think, my hick, out of touch town has an opportunity to get on the right path. Ole Hanson would be excited about the LAB development proposed for North Beach because it matches his vision for this town but is probably still crying tears about the blundering project at Marblehead that will destroy this town.
This November I have decided to vote to approve the tasteful, hip, open, green, locally sensitive space designed by the LAB for North Beach…

gap: diaperhangers

Merrik is an amazing helper around the house. He loves to take out the trash, sweep, vacuum, mow the lawn, wash the dishes, dust and do the laundry. Today he helped me take the diapers off the line while I held Maliea. He’s amazing. I wonder how long all this will last!

gap: garden party

Aggelige’s Garden Party was a grand success. Everyone had a fabulous time and many people took home her beautiful designs to add a little piece of yummy art + nature to their lives.