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Tahiti Iti

We had been looking for an offshore cruising sailboat for awhile when we discovered one for sale in Tahiti. It had a great layout and seemed like the perfect boat for our family. Both kids would have their own stateroom and it satisfied other technical requirements we desired including a center cockpit. So, we made an offer and hopped on a plane to go see Bella Vita, a 53′ Pearson sailboat 4115 miles away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

We previously sailed French Polynesia…

feel good sounds

Some of my most favorite “sounds” in iTunes while I’m working at home are the radio recordings we made while we were cruising in Tahiti. For those of you who don’t know, “cruising” doesn’t mean taking a trip on a huge commercial cruise ship. We did blue water cruising on a 38′ sailboat from San Diego to the Marquesas and around the islands of French Polynesia and Hawaii. The sounds-French announcements/ads, Tahitian and French rock music-all take me right…