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photography is [being ever so thankful]

Even though thoughts weigh heavy on my mind about my mother-in-law’s current health situation, our financial future, our world’s political situations, Merrik and Maliea’s constant expectations of new toys and new clothes, our mysteriously high water bill, the future of the photography industry, my eyebrows needing waxing etc. I am still ever so thankful for many things.

I am thankful for my entire extended family and the support they give, my wonderful friends who are sincere and thoughtful and actually…

[photography is] a quiet thanksgiving

Our day started out hanging at home with the kids watching a marathon of Rankin/Bass movies while trying to keep warm under the couch cushions. Dad cleaned the entire house while I fixed yams and dressing for the feast.

Merrik spent some time making custom Thanksgiving cards for everyone. He has become quite a prolific artist. Later, some of the Riddles and some of the Kochs gathered at my parent’s house for a mellow and tasty Thanksgiving feast.

[life] is a family gathering

We ended up spending Thanksgiving with my family this year for a change. It’s been awhile because we usually go to Coronado or the local mountains with Jim’s family. It was an easy and relaxing day. I made wild rice with cranberries and toasted pecans and a cold cauliflower salad with capers that sounds gross but was delicious.

In the morning the kids and I met my sisters and mom down at the beach trail and went for a walk….

[photography] is a feast day

Merrik had his first Thanksgiving feast at preschool this past week. After being out all week with the flu, he bounced back in time for the festive day. He was so excited to go back to school to see his friends that he was bouncing off the walls all morning.

When he got there they had a busy morning of mashing potatoes, shaking butter and designing bead necklaces, drums and arrows out of pasta, coffee cans and straws. After all…