The Flying Dutchman

I used to read the story of the Flying Dutchman to my son when he was in Kindergarten. The Flying Dutchman is amongst his favorite seafaring characters. On his surfboard is a custom artwork by Drew Brophy of the Flying Dutchman, Moby Dick, the Kracken and an angler fish from the deep. It’s …

Sailing movies

Trailers for some of the best movies produced about sailing. I have admired Shackleton and his story for many years. This documentary is my first choice. Which one of these movies is your favorite? I’ve only seen four of them so I’m excited to rent the others!!

Famous boats afloat!

This is a video showing the famous Joshua sailed by Bernard Moitessier. As my husband says, “This boat is all business.” They also include museum replica’s of Robin Knox-Johnson’s Suhali-first man to single hand around the world non-stop and Joshua Slocum’s Spray-first person to sail around the world alone in a small boat.

These guys are nuts

But I sure do enjoy watching them! Wouldn’t want to be on the boat under these conditions but it’s exciting to see the action. The Vendee Globe– around the world race is one of my favorite things to check in on!

The hurricane of 1939

This is spectacular footage taken with a 16mm movie camera and narration describing the conditions and events in Newport Beach during the hurricane of 1939-a Chubasco. The weather we have had during the prior weeks sounds scarily similar to what they were having before this hurricane, which cropped up in :20 and tore …

.doing what you love

“This project was created with the same spirit that America was founded on.” This video is intensely beautiful and reaches such a deep place in my heart. I hang on every word he says because he says everything I have been feeling about my relationship with photography. What am I …

.amazing, creative juice

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo. yep. ok. so this amazing vid was brought to my attention by my also amazing husband one night as we chatted into the deep night until 3:00am. He is currently working on a project that brought this guy JP Auclair and his team’s incredible talents across his laptop. What is fantastic to me is the way my husband and I live a parallel life not knowing exactly what the other is working on or thinking about. We see each other at home but don’t always have a chance to …