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on decluttering


I am truly a minimalist at heart. I am obsessed with the philosophy of simplifying my life in more ways than one. I love keeping things uncomplicated and I cherish living simply. I love to stay focused on the important things in life: family, health and financial well being. Not only are we living completely debt free but we have savings accounts for important purposes-the boat, kids, retirement. I am also on a mission to create passive income so we can live our…

art and design

I studied design and architecture in college and when I transferred to California State University at Long Beach to focus more on fine art, I discovered photography. But, I am still passionate about design and architecture. My husband is a very creative designer and I’ve gained a lot of inspiration from him.

In 1953 my maternal grandparents established El Camino Travel. At the time it was a business where the marines from Camp…

thought: my own etsy

Whatever etsy is-it’s me. It’s what I’ve been envisioning in my life for many years now. I still haven’t manifested it personally the way I want but all the other amazing and cool people on etsy have. I’ll get there but at least I’ve started it. I have dreams of making amazing and beautiful things for others to enjoy but that will have to come in time. So, I have listed a few cool vintage goodies and some repurposed…