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another awesome birthday party for shane

Merrik’s friend Shane has the best birthday parties in town. This year there was a bounce house and
an amazing animal show with cotton candy and snow cones plus lots of other goodies. I think
the parents had just as much fun at this party as any of the kids. To see all the pics go to
the gallery—>. Email me for the password!

next stop-the beach

After the harbor we HAD to go for a bike ride because we forgot to take the bike to the harbor. Nana Papa dropped us off at home and we loaded the Highlander up with beach gear and headed to Linda Lane. It’s nice to have the weather on our outdoorsy side again.
We walked down the beach trail and Merrik is getting so good on his bike that we adjusted the training wheels so he is a little…

harbor walk

We went to the harbor the other day with Nana Papa to see if Proud Mary’s was open yet. It has been since my birthday when I was pregnant with Maliea that it burned down. We went to have brunch there and it was still smoking. So sad because I remember going there the first day they opened back some time around 1976 (?). We were lounging on Dulcinea (our 27′ Catalina) in our slip and they came by…

superbowl sunday

Merrik is so into the ocean right now that we took him and Maliea to the beach
on Superbowl Sunday because the weather had been so nice. He was excited
to try out the surfboard and has been learning how to bodysurf and go under
the waves safely.
Maliea is just as enthusiastic about the (cold) ocean and I suspect she will be
keeping up with Merrik in the surf when it comes time.
After our little water safety and fun…

all about the bike

Last weekend we had to escape the thundering fans, dry heat and nauseating smell of the flood cleanup at our house. We got a hotel room in Dana Point harbor and made the most of “living” out of it by doing lots of walking and biking. Merrik biked in the hotel, in the rain, in the dark, in the cold.

a second generation of trouble

On Wednesday, Maureen, my friend from grade school invited us over to their awesome pool. Maureen and I have known each other since 3rd grade. We got into all kinds of fun ‘trouble’ off and on throughout the years. We spent a lot of time playing in the surf at the beach near her house in Cypress Shore. Now, my son and her son are on the path to having as much fun as we did. Even our girls…

just me and merrik

On Thursday, I dropped off Maliea at my parent’s place so Merrik and I could have some time together for a change and so Maliea could get uninterrupted nap time. It was wonderful. Merrik and I headed to the “beach park” to ride his bike. He really wanted me to ride mine too but we don’t have a rack on the car to get my bike “off the hill.” I used to ride down the hill and back up…

dream date

We had a fantastic day at the beach on Monday. After Merrik went to swim lessons we met up with Marley and Quin. It was Merrik’s perfect date. He and Marley competed for being in front on their two-wheelers all the way from the pier to North Beach and back.
Merrik took a couple of rough tumbles but hopped right back up on his bike-even after he fell off the bridge and ended up in the brambles under his…