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winter at the beach

Today was a gorgeous day at the beach. Merrik has been begging us to go to the beach but it’s been so cold. He loves to go in the ocean no matter what but I just can’t psych myself into it when it’s cold and damp out. I took him last week and it was very warm but since then it’s been pretty chilly. Today was finally a break in the cold damp weather so we headed down to…

biking at the pier

Merrik loves to take his bike down to the beach trail. He is amazing on it. It’s a rough ride but he is great. He’s getting good at skidding to a stop on the downhills. He calls it “jam” because his bike is a Tony Hawk Huck Jam bike. Pretty funny. Oh, and of course, he has to wear his cape…and Maliea is a good sport to go along in the cold.

day after

we had a beautiful but very cold day after Christmas and Merrik insisted on going in the ocean. So, Jim, Merrik and I headed down to clock tower beach to put our feet in the water. We stepped in for no more than 5 minutes and we were all shivering from the very cold wind. The water felt warm in comparison!