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carnival without the kids

I recently created a catalog of brand imagery for the new Amusement Park Inc. in Santa Ana. The kids couldn’t understand¬†why they didn’t get to go to the carnival too. Why would mom and dad go to a carnival without them? Well, I told them it was work and they thought we¬†were crazy!

[life] work day

Merrik has been asking to go to work with Jim for months now and yesterday he finally gave in. Merrik was bouncing off the walls all morning. About 8:30am they were off. I checked in later and all was going well even though Jim wasn’t getting any work done. Now he knows how I feel!
Maliea and I headed up after her nap to arty, funky downtown Santa Ana. Jim’s company, DGWB, owns the old City Hall building on Main…

just one of those days

Today was just one of those days. I forgot my phone at home so when I ended up stranded in Orange when the Metrolink was stopped from the freight train derailment and hazardous waste spill, I had to borrow a phone to call Jim. That doesn’t sound so bad but I get constant flack from him for not answering my phone when I do have it so this was over the top.
I did make it to my class barely…

new name

I have been thinking about renaming my portrait photography business. I have considered a unique name that is only for the portrait side of my business, keeping all workshops, photography services and design under Thought Gap like my original vision. However, after talking to Jim about a unique name, I am seriously considering using Kristianne Koch Photography to be all my photography whether portrait or fine art commissions. On the + side, I already have my DBA and bank…


I received the most upsetting email from one of my CSUF students yesterday. He threatened to complain about my harsh, demanding and unsympathetic teaching style to the Department Chair. I am still so taken aback I don’t know what to think. It seems he just wanted to get a B instead of a B- (his final score was off by

a long time coming

I finally rebuilt my office. I’ve been thinking about moving it to the other side of the house and getting new cabinets and desks for about 3 years now. I did it right before Christmas which was a huge undertaking and not such a bright idea but it’s done and I’m thrilled.
With a little help from Jim and hours of studying IKEA’s catalog I decided on the simplest (and cheapest) Effektiv set-up with 2 Vika Oleby desks-one Merrik’s height…

thought: first day of school

I went back to teaching today. Of course it was a long night last night as both Merrik and Maliea were restless. It always seems to work out that way on the night before an early or busy day.

I took the 7:11am Metrolink out of San Juan Capistrano and returned on the Amtrak. The schedules work out great for my class schedule so once again I am loving the commute to work. I also met a couple of very…

thought: chaos

I am in the process of redoing the office, art room AND playroom all at once. It is going to be chaos around here to say the least. I am switching rooms for the playroom and office so the “kids” area is on one side of the house and the “adult” area is on the other. Of course we’ll all probably still hang out in the “kids” area. It will be awhile until the “adult” area is done…

thought: work

I have been so busy putting materials together for my business I am actually amazed at how much I’ve been able to get done. Maybe it’s because Maliea is so easy! I recently created a new photo website. See it here @. It’s a division of my Thought Gap Creative site. This is where I describe my photography related services-editing, design, marketing, consulting plus my new shop that I am working on where I sell unique photography and design…