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[photography + life] don’t always mix

While we were in Yosemite I tried my best to do some nature photography. It was a challenge. Doing fine art photography with kids in nature is kind of like trying to surf where you anchor-dangerous. Every time I would spend a few moments-mere seconds-composing an image, Merrik or Maliea would be on the verge of falling off edge of a huge boulder or plunking into the rushing Merced River.

I can’t remember when I’ve appreciated more wholeheartedly the time…

[life + photography] road trip

We had a fantastic trip up to the Sierra National Forest. It has taken me awhile to get back into the sway of life so it must have been a good trip. Our drive through LA was unfettered but the kids had a difficult time sleeping in their car seats. Jim was determined to drive all the way through so my job took a back seat..(hah!) soothing Maliea and calming Merrik. Our destination was Fresno where Jim spent 4…