[life] off to camp gramma grampa

On my way home from dropping Merrik off at the train station today, I got all choked up. I am so fortunate for the family I have and for the family I have married into. My kids are the luckiest kids around and get to experience so many fun things with their grandparents on both sides. I grew up spending a lot of time with my mom’s parents. They both had a big impact on my life.

Merrik and Maliea’s grandparent’s on Jim’s side coordinated an amazing journey to begin what they host each year called “Camp Gramma Grampa.” They flew to Portland to pick up Jim’s brother’s kids, Holley and Cameron and hopped on the Coast Starlight headed south. They bought a couchette for the overnight journey and enjoyed dinner on the train.

The following day the Amtrak stopped in Ventura where Matt and Maddie (Grampa’s niece and nephew) boarded to join the “Camp.” The Coast Starlight ends in LA sop they disembarked and stayed in a hotel for the night. The following morning, they reboarded the Surfliner headed to San Diego. They pulled into the station at San Juan Capistrano where Merrik was running and jumping with excitement. The doors opened up, all the other kids already on board greeted him with big smiles, Gramps picked Merrik up off the platform and my mom and I handed over his sleeping bag and backpack to Gramma and off they went. What an adventure.

Maliea and I join them in Coronado today where camp sand and sea activities are already in full swing. I am allowed to join in only to escort Maliea but at the end of each day, Maliea and I will be heading to my sister’s house in Chula Vista to sleep.

[all I had was my camera phone as I ended up stopping at the station with Maliea on the way home from her swim lesson and I don’t like leaving my D300 in the car or unattended at the pool]

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