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We were all home sick today. Me with the worst of it. Or maybe just with the worst attitude about it. Being home with the kids is usually a nightmare. The house is a disaster because it’s one project after another to keep them entertained. Today I started the morning looking for existing images of Merrik for a comp for a project Jim is working on.

By late morning it came down to shooting something new for it. I had to bribe Merrik with chocolate to get him into his wetsuit. “I thought the wetsuit was not allowed in the house.” I stood him on the edge of the back patio and told him to stand up straight, look at the camera and don’t smile. Ha! If any of you know a 4 year old, you know that as soon as you tell them to do something they do the opposite.

I was under the gun editing, retouching, correcting and outlining the final select. The whole time Maliea was whining and begging to be nursed and Merrik was pulling out games with marbles in them that Maliea thought looked like pretty good candy. Fun distractions for sure. I think I finally got the final image off to Jim at 1:50pm and the last I heard he had a meeting at 2:00pm so who knows how he pulled that off.

These are the images that I liked best from all 55 frames I shot. Some I didn’t even have time to send over for them to see.

and this is the one his team picked

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