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Fitness is starting to creep very slowly back into my life. I have always maintained a certain, healthy level of fitness my entire life but the last few years, it has definitely been less than desirable.

The type of fitness that has always worked best for me is the kind that happens when I am just living life. I am not a gym person or a runner-especially since I broke my ankle in high school gymnastics and had a plate and five screws put in. The doctors told me I’d never be able to do anything athletic ever again. So I spent a lot of time walking. I love to walk but getting the level of fitness I need takes at least a good 2 hours dedication on foot.

When I was single years ago I spent the majority of my time hiking at altitude to train for mountain ascents-both in summer and winter. It made my ankle strong and it got me into incredible shape but did not give me a lean physique. I probably downed 4000 calories a day to satisfy my hyper metabolism.

Then when I was sailing I got muscular. My arms were toned better than they had ever been from hoisting and lowering the anchor and sails so frequently. I spent a lot of time walking to town and back or rowing in to do laundry. It was a great lifestyle.

This is the way I like to get in shape. I wasn’t model thin and I wasn’t perfectly sculpted but I loved how I felt and how strong my body was.

But, being a mom limits those activities. At least it does for me. I can’t imagine climbing a mountain now-with so much love to come home to. I hope to sail again someday but until then I need something to keep my body from falling apart. I recently told the kids that I am falling apart. All my injured joints (I have a bad knee as well from a skiing accident) are starting to suffer from a lack of muscle support.

So, I am promising myself fun and lifestyle supportive exercise. Surfing is number one. I absolutely love it and it gives me the meditation time I need to feel like creativity can still be a part of my day. It is the closest thing I have ever done to gymnastics. Surfing requires a high level of athletic ability (especially short boarding) which reminds me of the way I used to use my body in gymnastics.

Then yoga comes next. I absolutely love Ashtanga. I love the discipline, the repetition, the ability to see and feel my body stretch and bend further each time. It reminds me of Tai Chi which I also used to do and love. Plus the breathing and meditative quality is necessary for my sanity.

And then I have decided I really want to skateboard. I used to do it as a kid but it’s been awhile. I have been taking the board up and down the street to keep up with my kids on their bikes and scooters and have found that it is a great leg workout! Plus it is great for balance and core strength.

I am now sharing these two absolutely inspiring videos that have encouraged me to love adventure and staying in shape by living even more. One is a music video by Goldfrapp titled Caravan Girl and the other is a documentary by Astray Films titled Dark Side of the Lens. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to get out there to live life physically and have a new adventure.

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

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