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June was even busier than May and I felt like getting ready for the end of the school year took more energy than the entire school year itself! Performances, final projects, field trips, special celebration days on top of planning summer schedules kept me on my toes.

It’s always a balancing act and I am always so grateful that the ebb and flow of work and family tends to coincide organically. I have definitely been taking more time for my family, the house and myself even with all the other demands. Walks with friends, a facial, and slowing down to pay attention to the little things.

Living in the moment of all that is happening with my sweet four and seven year old has more rewards than I can measure.

This month was abundant in all it’s joys that by far outweighed the difficulties:


Puffy cloud play (jumping on the bed and playing with the pillows)

A special visit from a best friend who lives in Hawaii

Bathtime and quiet time

A trip to the farm

Scootering around the neighborhood

Merrik’s last day of school

A pajama party with Tiki our cat

A train ride (without dad) to San Diego and back to pick up Merrik from camp

Merrik’s first camp of the summer-Scallywags Sailing at Coronado Yacht Club

Pool play at Gramma Grampa’s

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  1. I always love your instagrams but I’ve never come over to your blog before – love your style – love the honesty in your photographs and how it shows a free and easy life of outdoor fun – I agree about June, it’s a tough month as school ends up – bring on the laughter of the summer holidays

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