st joseph health advertising campaign

 One of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the gorgeous light in the Napa Valley

  Carrie standing in for me for a test shot

Carrie working her magic on one of the doctors in Napa

My client multi-tasking: putting out fires on her phone back at the office while overseeing the entire shoot

Shawna standing in for a test shot with her own twist on “the portrait” (ie: The Scream)

My beautiful client-not on her phone-standing in for a test shot

Shawna and I waited patiently in this corridor as a baby was delivered via c-section behind the doors to the right of me!

The beautiful chapel at St. Joseph Mission Hospital

The better part of my early summer was spent in hospitals. Fortunately it was not because I was sick but because I was working. I was hired by St. Joseph Health System to provide them with my signature natural light portraits of real life doctors for their current and upcoming ad campaigns created by DGWB Advertising. I traveled to Napa Valley where I was fortunate to work with an amazing stylist, Carrie Aldous and then I spent several days shooting in St. Joseph’s Orange County hospitals with Shawna Clark, another fantastic and fun hair and makeup stylist.

Even though I didn’t get to see one vineyard in Napa, I still captured some local color as the client and I scouted and traveled between the hospitals. The hospitals I was honored to photograph in were Queen of the Valley in Napa, Santa Rosa Memorial, Mission Hospital, St. Jude in Fullerton and St. Joseph Hospital in Orange. It was an amazing experience and all the doctors were pleasant and friendly which made it easier for me to create authentic portraits of approachable and attentive doctors for St. Joseph.

Watch for the ad campaign featuring these doctors in all of the St Joseph hospitals, on billboards, buses and other locations such as shopping malls.

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