dreams on board

Dreams On Board [2006]

When I was a young girl I read the novel “Dove” by Robin L. Graham. I knew then that I wanted to live life sailing the oceans. When I was in my 30s I met a man who I thought was too much of a city boy for me. I soon found out that he too had dreams of a life at sea. In 2000 we set sail for French Polynesia-3200 miles away-and spent over a year sailing the Pacific Ocean.

We returned to land and married in 2001. In 2005 our first child was born. Since the day both our children were born, my husband and I have been introducing them to the ‘cruiser’ lifestyle that we admire and respect. A cruiser is someone who wants to experience life away from the demands and expectations of society by living on a sailboat and traveling the world with no set agenda or schedule. The philosophy of most cruisers is to live day by day, intentionally, sparingly and resourcefully.

Living on board helps us to slow down, enjoy the quiet details, get close to nature, live frugally, need less and enjoy more quality time together as a family. By exposing our children to this lifestyle we hope to get them physically, mentally and spiritually ‘on board’ with the idea of our dream: living freely on the open ocean as we sail the world as a family.

The images from this series are available as fine art postcard collections encased in a hollowed out hardcover book of “Dove.”

What are your dreams? Is there something special you do with your family and would like for me to create your own personal handmade book like this? You can hire me to create one for you.

“Dreams” -Handmade book and 4×6 prints: A 4 hour artistic storytelling session at up to three locations of your choice. Includes 40-50 archival pigment fine art prints tucked inside a hollowed out hardcover book of your choice and presented in a handmade box.  2500.00


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