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Do you know that feeling? The one where you have been dreaming about something almost your entire life-at least since you were 14-and then that dream becomes reality?
Well, I do and it is amazing!! Thirty five years ago I had a dream to own a sailboat and sail it everywhere. Then just fourteen years ago I started down the path with my husband to buy a sailboat for our family to sail the world. After all the hard work and the patience and the research and the hard earned money spent along the way, we knew this is what we’ve been waiting for all along!! Our dream is a reality and we are so ecstatic!!! We are so grateful for the unwavering support of family and friends each step of the way. All the sailors and dreamers in our lives helped us stay on course after all these years.
After stepping aboard 35 different cruising boats, traveling to more than seven different cities and surveying three boats thousands of miles apart, we have found her!
Today we are in Seattle to take delivery of “INDRA” our 46′ Kelly Peterson cutter rig sloop. She is one of 30 extended versions of the KP 44 designed by Doug Peterson and Jack Kelly, her construction was overseen personally by Jack Kelly in the Queen Long Yard in Taiwan and she was commissioned in 1987 in San Diego. We will find out more incredible details about her this weekend while we spend time with her past owners and we will also sail her for a couple of days in Puget Sound and Lake Union including taking her through the famous Chittenden Locks.


  1. Hello,
    We heard about you guys from someone in Catalina. We live aboard our KP 46 Watercolors in Ventura with two boys (3 and 1). Hope to cross paths sometime, my husband is dying to see your boat!
    Rebecca and Cole

    • Hi Rebecca and Cole!! I haven’t had comments on my blog in so long I stopped checking. Helen Fricker told us about you guys! We looked at Watercolors back when she was newly listed. She was too big for us back then but now look at us!! We own a KP 46! Hahaha. Hope we can meet up soon.

  2. Hello Indra,
    Rebecca and Cole here again. We are in the process of building shade for the cockpit and yours looks very good. Are you guys still in San Diego? Would it be possible to meet up at your boat some time soon? I would like to trace a template for the stainless piece at the aft end of the shade. Please let us know.

    Thank you,
    Cole Walters
    [email protected]

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