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signature kitchen suite

I had the pleasure of working with Amusement Park Brands and Signature Kitchen Suite on their ongoing series of webisodes. I was hired to capture still photography telling the stories. In Illinois we visited Hewn Bread and The Mill at Janie’s Farm to tell the story of Ellen King and her partner Julie Matthei.

It was truly inspiring meeting and getting to know these entrepreneurs with such a vision. Ellen discovered a strain of wheat that had been lost in the shuffle of big farm takeovers. She nurtured and developed this grain for years to bring it back to market to the people. The Mill at Janie’s Farm worked in collaboration to grow and harvest this wheat to the best of it’s potential.

Gluten intolerant bread lovers have discovered that even though the bread at Hewn Bread is not gluten free, they can enjoy bread made with this new organic strain of wheat.

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