Style + Inspiration = Vision


To take control of your own photography, you must set aside time to figure out what you want to say. 

To do this, make some decisions before you start photographing anything. Don’t just start shooting and expect to see something you were dreaming of creating.

1) Write down your objectives for the image or series of images. I get ideas from reading that draws me in or some journaling I have done. Sometimes I’ll just write down words to get the thoughts flowing.

2) Create a mood board with quality images, illustrations and words that express what you are trying to say. Don’t just pick images that literally have the same content, look for images that express a mood or feeling of what you are trying to communicate.

3) Be prepared to create your first image with a vision already in your mind.

Don’t expect the first image to be exactly what you had hoped for either. It will take time to evolve your ideas and see what the photographs will show you.

Creating personal work is critical to growing in photography and will help you gain a clearer vision of what you want to say and what type of images you want to make for others.

You will stagnate as a passionate artist if you don’t push yourself outside of your paid projects or daily snapshots of your children. Just like professional athletes, a really successful professional photographer whose work evolves over time, doesn’t just show up to the shoots; they practice their craft, develop their own vision and create images with the input and collaboration of other professionals while working on their own personal strengths in between assignments.

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