thought: nau and then

I am crushed. My favorite clothing line is closing their operation. Nau clothing is an outdoor line of functional, fashionable “green.” The company has a mission to offer wonderfully designed items made from organic, recycled, or surplus materials with multi-functional purpose. The designs are modern and sleek and everything is made from sustainable fabrics with a sustainable philosophy for the entire enterprise. Buy up some of their amazing stuff now while you can:

gap: water wonder

merrik just loves to swim in aunt cindy and uncle greg’s jacuzzi. he can go by himself now that he is such an avid swimmer. he treads water in the deep middle area and loves to go in “the tube:” under the waterfall.

thought: where's spring?

we’re two months into spring and it’s still crappy cold outside! we’re ready for beach weather. we had one beautiful day last saturday for merrik’s birthday party but it’s been cold and overcast ever since.