.the quiet eye

  I had a pretty big year-at least for me. It was a nice gradual process and most of the time I felt as if I was holding my busy-ness at arm’s length so as to not get overwhelmed. I have discovered that I work better at a slower pace, …

[life] another birthday (party)

Merrik turned four on May 2. Four! Four years go I had my first tiny babe in my arms. I had no worries about taking our little bundle home and was ready to hit motherhood head on. It’s really amazing because I could easily say that five years earlier I didn’t want kids. Jim and I set out for the Marquesas on the same date in 2000 and all I could think about then was a dream coming true sailing across the ocean with the man I loved. It sounds romantic but it was the farthest thing from it. The …

did I ever mention that merrik loves trains?

Awhile ago we went to the train museum in Perris, CA with Nana Papa (who has also loved trains ever since he was a little boy). It was a trek over the Ortega but well worth a day out of picture perfect SC. I had a blast photographing this place. It was like going to Bodie when I was in college. I discovered their fabulous little old time print shop and picked up a few of their custom posters for pennies. Merrik was in heaven. The steamie was running and we rode in the caboose! It was like a dream …

thought: maliea milestones

Maliea is hitting new milestones all the time so I am going to record them here when I have a chance. Last week she rolled back to her back from her tummy once but hasn’t done it since. She cut her first tooth on Friday, August 22nd and she found her feet! She now lays on her back and holds her feet in “happy baby,” a relaxing yoga pose.

thought: maliea milestones

Maliea is rolling over now. She wakes up on her tummy and just hangs out in her crib cooing at her fishy mobile. She is such a joy and so happy and mellow. She usually sleeps 8-9 hours every night. Of course last night she didn’t because Merrik wasn’t here to wake me up! So she was up at 4:30am wanting to play! She has never done that in her life. I hope it’s not a new pattern.

thought: maliea, maliea

Maliea is meeting milestones one after the other. She went to the Dr. for her 4 month well visit yesterday and is now 15 lbs 8 oz and 25 3/4 in long. She is starting to roll over on her tummy. Jim found her sleeping with her lower body rolled over on her tummy last night and her shoulders still on the side. She is sitting up playing the Learn and Groove “DJ” station activity saucer. We have also recently discovered that she has a birthmark on her right arm and a dimple on her left cheek!