letting go

I recently took a parenting class and one of the main things I learned about was letting go. Letting go of control of your kids’ behavior and letting go of your anger over your kids’ behavior. It has helped make my experience being around a 2 and a 5 year …

[photography] is the perfect holiday card

Get ready for the holidays! I am starting to schedule holiday portrait sessions. Fall is the perfect time of year to capture your family enjoying life in San Clemente. I have several different session options as well as my usual 2 hour portrait session and Day In The Life session! Book now to reserve your time with me.

[photography] is an awesome location

I have been racking my brain for some awesome new locations for my holiday “Short But Sweet” sessions. I usually choose a spot and settle in for a couple of hours in the morning and evening on two different days as you come with your family for your 20 min of fame. These sessions cost $75 and include a 5×7 digital file of your select or a $25 credit toward your purchase if you do prints or my custom designed cards through me. I will also be offering “In A Nutshell” (30 min. mini sessions) discounted for this time of …

[photography] is life

I was recently featured in an article by the amazing Rebecca Jane Lacko, LA Parenting Examiner. She also writes a Green Living column so check that out too. Her articles are smart, informative and clever. Plus, I am looking forward to doing some more collaborative projects with her!

bye high surf

We had a huge swell hit our beaches this weekend and of course we were on our way to Thousand Oaks. It never fails. Whenever there is an amazing swell, Jim either has a swim meet or a pending project that forces him to work long hours or on the weekend. This time I had a hard time leaving the beauty and awe of a gorgeous swell too. Usually I am completely unphased by such an event but it has been so long since we’ve seen any waves around here I was dying to soak up their energy just by …

[photography] somebody please hire me

I am actually tired of processing photos of just my own kids. I love them and they are very cute but I want to see some fresh faces. I am dying to do photo sessions of your family. The first three people to book a session with me once this post is published gets $60 off their session fee and one free 8×10 of your favorite image! That’s $100 bucks worth of photos! Make a comment that you want to book me* then follow through with the paperwork and deposit and you are on your way to an affordable full …

[photography] a hard time letting go

I really tried to let go of all the beautiful, joyous details in the latest images I took at ‘Baby Beach’ in Dana Point Harbor. I was so inspired by Maria Luisa Morando’s White series that I tried to do what she was doing in her work but just wasn’t brave enough. She is a goddess to be able to let go of so much and trust in the details that were left behind in her images.

[photography] less is more

Thanks to my friend Cindy, I was introduced to the work of Maria Luisa Morando. She says that my latest ‘tiny people‘ images remind her of Maria’ White Series. I am in awe of this work. It reminds me of what I am doing with my current work but completely stripped down and pure and evolved. It’s gorgeous and I love it and I am inspired.

[life + photography] sc ocean festival

On Sunday we ventured on down to the San Clemente Ocean Festival. Jim was signed up to compete in the open water swims so we wanted to see him and get in a little beach time. The beach was packed with people from Linda Lane to T-Street. Lots of bikinis and wet surf trunks graced the beach trail and pier. We hung out at the NOVA tent to stay out of the sun and have snacks then took a walk on the pier to check out the old woody cars and watch the Stand Up Paddle Board contest. I thought …