[life] another birthday (party)

Merrik turned four on May 2. Four! Four years go I had my first tiny babe in my arms. I had no worries about taking our little bundle home and was ready to hit motherhood head on. It’s really amazing because I could easily say that five years earlier I didn’t want kids. Jim and I set out for the Marquesas on the same date in 2000 and all I could think about then was a dream coming true sailing across the ocean with the man I loved. It sounds romantic but it was the farthest thing from it. The …

how to burst the organization bubble

So, yes, I did get a lot done today and am so proud that I finally got all those bags of clothes to their new homes after months of accumulation. However, I did get a little “blessing from above” just now as yet still a mom and not just a housewife trying to organize the place. I found 2 bags in the garage full of toys undelivered to their supposed new home that held said track with dinosaur that goes on track. Of course the whole episode goes into the thankless job file but I am crying tears of joy.

how to burst a mother’s bubble

Today I cranked on organization which is a mother’s dream (well at least this mother’s dream). I got 4 bags of clothes and toys to the Salvation Army, 6 bags of clothes back to the generous mother who shared her hand-me-downs with us, and 5 bags of clothes, toys and baby gear to Children’s Orchard for resale. I also found perfect organization shelving for the Workroom closets and Playroom. But, hours later, after the glory of a productive day and the complaints of a super tidy husband about the cluttered garage (don’t get me wrong, Jim and I are completely …

a book after boobs

A new book by the authors of “If These Boobs Could Talk” has just been released. I received a copy of Boobs from my friend Brandy and I can’t wait to see Momnesia!

thought gap: beach playdate

Several months ago I was about ready to give birth to Maliea so I took Merrik to the beach to enjoy his last days as an only child. I am always looking for places to go where he can play with other kids. We were at Linda Lane and as we were leaving a woman named Natalae came up to me to chat, ask about the new baby on the way and suggest maybe her son, Armand, and Merrik could play together sometime. Well that was almost 4 months ago. Natalae and I had emailed a few times but I …

gap: thumb sucker

I have a thumb sucker! We wanted so much for Merrik to soothe himself to no avail. He still needs mom to soothe him. However, Maliea soothes herself-all day! She is amazing. She sleeps through the night and is so happy and relaxed! We don’t know what to make of it: the idea of putting a baby down awake and having her fall asleep on her own is so foreign to our parenting style. I think we can get used to this.

thought: got milk

boy have we got milk. It boggles my mind but I don’t see any other way around it. We each have our own milk kinda like families with older kids each have their own cars. Jim drinks gallons of non fat, Merrik drinks 2% organic, I drink non fat lactose free because dairy seems to cause Maliea to spit up gallons of my breastmilk after I nurse her. So our fridge is full of milk-the most expensive food item in the market!