[photography + life] is a family portrait

Every year we take our picture as a family on the pier. We usually do it around Merrik’s birthday because we took our first one 6 days after he was born. We stand near the lifeguard tower on the pier so that Cotton’s Point is in the background. This year we did it early so the sun was behind us. Each time has a completely different look. I blew it and forgot to get on Jim’s left this time but it turned out cute (after I took the head of Merrik smiling and put it on the frame where Maliea …

[life] at the pier

Another one of our famous visits to the pier. This is the location of my ongoing series titled pierside in my current portfolio of work. It was the one warm and sunny day we’ve had in a week. Thank goodness we took the time to get out.

[life] pierside

I find myself spending a lot of time at our local pier. So much so that I have actually started a new project based around the pier. The series is titled ‘Pierside’ and it incorporates images that I have taken at the pier over the last several years. You can see a couple of the images in a past post here. You can also see the ongoing series in my Current work here. The pier is a special place in my life. It is a grounding for me as I wait for the time we can all be on the …

dream date

We had a fantastic day at the beach on Monday. After Merrik went to swim lessons we met up with Marley and Quin. It was Merrik’s perfect date. He and Marley competed for being in front on their two-wheelers all the way from the pier to North Beach and back. Merrik took a couple of rough tumbles but hopped right back up on his bike-even after he fell off the bridge and ended up in the brambles under his (very heavy) bike. He had to get back on right away to see the lights on his valve stems flash because …

biking at the pier

Merrik loves to take his bike down to the beach trail. He is amazing on it. It’s a rough ride but he is great. He’s getting good at skidding to a stop on the downhills. He calls it “jam” because his bike is a Tony Hawk Huck Jam bike. Pretty funny. Oh, and of course, he has to wear his cape…and Maliea is a good sport to go along in the cold.