[life] is a stop at velvet yogurt

Many times after our beach and surf sessions this summer Merrik, Maliea and I stopped in at Velvet Yogurt. It’s been awhile since we’ve even been downtown so I thought it would be fun to make a trip after our busy day at preschool, lunch with Aunt Cindy and Cousin Jessica at the Wind and Sea and a wild and windy bike ride to the Dana Point Harbor bridge and back.

[life] beach fire bbq

Last week I sent out a spontaneous email inviting some friends and family to join us at the San Clemente State Beach for a beach fire and BBQ. We showed up at 3:00pm and fortunately my good friend, Chris had already arrived and snagged the last table available next to a fire pit. By the time everyone else arrived there were several more and we filled them all up with good food and great people. After a couple of hours digging holes in the sand at the beach, we gathered around the picnic tables to catch up, watch the kids …

just me and merrik

On Thursday, I dropped off Maliea at my parent’s place so Merrik and I could have some time together for a change and so Maliea could get uninterrupted nap time. It was wonderful. Merrik and I headed to the “beach park” to ride his bike. He really wanted me to ride mine too but we don’t have a rack on the car to get my bike “off the hill.” I used to ride down the hill and back up all the time when I was younger…much younger. So, we just took his bike and I followed with my camera. Life …

gap: panorama of my town

Here’s a panorama I took from our backyard the other day because the sky was so gorgeous. I stitched it together in Photoshop using the photomerge automate command. Pretty cool!

thought: a new lab in san clemente

Just think, my hick, out of touch town has an opportunity to get on the right path. Ole Hanson would be excited about the LAB development proposed for North Beach because it matches his vision for this town but is probably still crying tears about the blundering project at Marblehead that will destroy this town. This November I have decided to vote to approve the tasteful, hip, open, green, locally sensitive space designed by the LAB for North Beach to replace the ugly and unkempt area that has always been overlooked and disregarded as a north coastal entrance to our …