[life] a baptism celebration with family

On Saturday we endured another drive back up to LA for a wonderful family gathering to celebrate Jenna Doubt’s baptism. Jenna is the daughter of my cousin on my dad’s side. It was a beautiful mass and fun to see a little girl rather than a baby baptised. Her expressions were priceless throughout the sacrament. After the ceremony we all gathered at the family’s home for a pool party and BBQ. The adults hovered near the pool in the shade while the kids jumped and splashed in the cool water to escape the 90ยบ+ temps. It was a great scene …

[life + photography] road trip

We had a fantastic trip up to the Sierra National Forest. It has taken me awhile to get back into the sway of life so it must have been a good trip. Our drive through LA was unfettered but the kids had a difficult time sleeping in their car seats. Jim was determined to drive all the way through so my job took a back seat..(hah!) soothing Maliea and calming Merrik. Our destination was Fresno where Jim spent 4 days swimming in the United States Masters Swimmers Short Course Yards National Meet. While he was busy setting records and “sailing …

a second generation of trouble

On Wednesday, Maureen, my friend from grade school invited us over to their awesome pool. Maureen and I have known each other since 3rd grade. We got into all kinds of fun ‘trouble’ off and on throughout the years. We spent a lot of time playing in the surf at the beach near her house in Cypress Shore. Now, my son and her son are on the path to having as much fun as we did. Even our girls Annalise (13 months) and Maliea (9 months) looked like they were up to no good. Shane is an amazing swimmer. Only …

gap: spma champions

Here’s Jim competing at the 2008 Long Course Championship at Thousand Oaks. These are the only shots I took all weekend! Jim won 12 gold and 2 silver medals out of 14 events and he took home a trophy for high point total! See more images here and read about it here.

gap: water wonder

merrik just loves to swim in aunt cindy and uncle greg’s jacuzzi. he can go by himself now that he is such an avid swimmer. he treads water in the deep middle area and loves to go in “the tube:” under the waterfall.