[life] is getting ready for winter

The kids at Serra Preschool have been busy learning about the Spirit of the Season, snow, reindeer, Jolly Old St. Nick, gingerbread and sleigh bells. I helped out at Merrik’s school two days this week and was reminded how much I love the way the kids learn there. Their teacher, Ms. Fuller is always in top form: full of energy and always aware of opportunities to teach the kids how to be more engaged students.

merrik and maliea-one year

Here are Merrik and Maliea at one. See they look different! The only reason Maliea is nude is because I never got around to doing her “babyparts” photo shoot at 5 months old so I am killing two birds with one stone here. I am so bummed I don’t have pics of those gorgeous plump thighs and butt. She is still yummy but starting to thin out already from all the walking she is doing!

The Bus

When we were in Hawaii, there was one thing I really wanted to do with Merrik. I wanted to take him on The Bus. It was our primary mode of transportation when Jim and I lived there and I loved it. I still enjoy the bus when I take it from the Fullerton train station to CSUF every Thursday. You definitely see a lot of characters from a cross section of society. It is a refreshing change from the the anonymity of driving a car everywhere. So, after hours of wandering around Haleiwa Town, Merrik, Maliea and I hopped on …

more hawaii favorites

My favorite family photo is one of us up on The Pali. It was crazy windy up there and just about lifted Merrik off the ground. This is a collage of images from Waikiki, happy hour at The Royal Hawaiian hotel, the Hawaiian Railroad, the North Shore and our octagon house.

sea monsters

We all went to the tidepools at Dana Point headlands on Sunday. It was a great day to get out of the house after catching up on sleep, housekeeping, business and train play (Merrik missed his trains in Hawaii). Merrik had a great time climbing on all the boulders and wanted to climb to the top of all the ‘big ones.’ Maliea just wanted to go in the ocean. She is truly a nature girl. She loves to get outside. A girl after my own heart. [check out the pics of Merrik – he is actually smiling AT THE CAMERA! …

somewhere over the rainbow

We found our pot of gold at the North Shore. After a few days of surf and sail in Waikiki we discovered the best hideaway possible: a perfectly placed octagon shaped house not quite a mile down the beach from Pipeline. With the most beautiful beach and shoreline just outside our window, we settled in for several days of whale watching, live ukulele music and rainbows. Everyone had their wishes come true on this trip: Gramma Grampa spent a full week with Merrik and Maliea, Jim learned to play the ukulele, I surfed Queens and did a lot of photography, …

aloha oe

We’re leaving for Oahu tomorrow so I thought I’d post some past images I took when we lived there. We will be staying in Waikiki-it’s is a weird experience to go back as a tourist-and on the North Shore. I am so excited to experience staying on the North Shore and can’t wait to do some photography there. Grampa Grampa will be with us the whole time so I should be able to get a few surf sessions in! We are also going to check out the Hawaiian Railway for Merrik. It looks really cool.

momentary slice of heaven

Sunday night I had a little taste of heaven. Jim took both Merrik and Maliea into the bath (we have one of those big jacuzzi tubs thank goodness) and I had a few minutes to myself. To do what you ask? Hmmmm. Spontaneously the closest thing was a glass of wine and I caught a tiny bit of the Oscars uninterrupted (best animated short-which would probably be all I wanted to see anyway). But it didn’t last long because for me it was more about seeing all of them in the tub and being able to photograph them all together …